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Prelude to Parabyom

libretto for a cantata

New England Towns

Millinocket, Woonsocket –
close the kitchen door and lock it.
Nantucket, Pawtucket –
get a lollipop and suck it.
Concord here, Concord there –
aren’t they such a peaceful pair.
Hartford, Milford –
say it “fohrrd” your name’s mud.
Worcester, Gloucester –
missed ya, must ‘a.
Walpole, Woods Hole, Wrentham, Grantham,
Litchfield, Pittsfield, Adams, Haddam!

Now You Don’t See Me

Where I walk – no footprints on the ground.
When I talk – no one hears a sound.
None understand – how I come and go.
For I am – Mister Mysterioso!

Dizzy Love

I’m feeling so vertiginous
you’re foreign not indigenous
you’re accent’s thick
don’t mind a bit
I love you

your features are not classical
your passion’s not collapsible
you’re wild not tame
but just the same
I love you

I’ve felt so alive since the day you arrived
on these shores
who could ever surmise what the fire in your eyes
had in store
for me

no matter what your character
your movies are spectacular
I’m here you know
in the first row
I love you


I’m only happy when it’s hot.
These ragged shorts are all I’ve got.
But I don’t frown
cuz in Northeast Brazil
the sun beats down
and gives me such a thrill.
I wish that you could be here too.
It isn’t very hard to do.
Get on a flight
and don’t bring much at all –
you travel light
when you come to Natal!

Eight Ball

Dried up spider,
hanging on a web,
goodness knows your life work’s done.
You created some descendants
who don’t care that you’re dead,
and now you’re just a dust ball in the sun.
Someday I will join you
in the great beyond,
where we go to ponder on our fate.
And if I should return
to wander on this Earth,
I’m hoping that my legs don’t number eight.


Some day my body will fall down
to join the elements in the ground.
Some say the choice of
where to sink my corpse is a
grave matter.
“Reserve your plot and do it now.
Spontaneous internment is not allowed.
Preserve yourself.” But
let dead bury dead. God doesn’t
save matter.


I wanna be a religious fanatic,
reconnected, as in Latin, “relig.”
I wanna have a trance, automatic
whenever I see a holy image.
Maybe one day the saints’ll receive me
in the company of the elect.
But don’t you try to deceive me.
I will not join your religious sect!

Big Doubt

Am I enlightened,
or only frightened
of dusty dying?
Is meditation
my pet occasion
for just denying?
And when I tremble,
do I dissemble
to claim it’s Godly?
Perhaps I’m feeling
mere mental reeling,
a coward’s coddling.

Maha Vaishnava

I had a birth. But what was it worth?
Not much until you came along.
You gave this poor creature a second birth – dvija –
with a 32-syllable song.
Eight times Hare gets the words under way,
then Krishna and Rama, four each.
Alternate Goddess-God so the meter won’t plod.
There’s nothing that’s better to teach.
Teach me you did. Made a bhakta of this kid.
And your words are still with me today.
At the altar in my home I bow down – Namah Om –
Bhaktivedanta Swamin Iti Namine.
Maha Mantra, Maha Vaishnava –
You’re my savior, Prabhupada.

From the Love of God

“You did not ever come from nothingness.
You have always come from the love of God
into the moment of accomplishment.”
– Ma Jaya, Darshan Line, March 25, 2001

Wise and Otherwise

There is no time.
It is all simultaneous.
There is no space.
It is packed in a point.
Duration and extension
are features of consciousness.
We bring them to life.
Otherwise – all void.

God With Us

When we love each other
feeling the presence of God with us,
when we love each other
we receive God’s love through the other.
When we love each other
feeling the presence of God with us,
when we love each other
we give our love to God through the other.
The other is a gift from God
that we give back to God,
as we take an offered toy from a child
and then give it back to the child.
God is a child who gives
everything away to everybody,
and when we give it all back to God
we are playing the game God With Us.


Uwa Ohwahh

Uwa Heyoaha

Uwa Ohwahh She He She He
Uwa Ohwahh She He She He
Uwa Ohwahh She He She He
Uwa Heyoaha Uwa Heyoaha


Mother – Mother of Everyone – Mother of God

Holy O Holy

Holy Mother Holy Mother Holy Son
O Mother O Mother O Son
Mother Son Mother Son
Holy Mother Holy Mother Holy Son
O Mother O Mother O Son
Mother Son Mother Son


Oh Mother Oh Mother Oh Mother
O Son O Son O Son
Oh Mother Oh Mother Oh Mother
O Son O Son O Son
Ooo Ooo Ooo
Ooo Ooo Ooo
Ooo Ooo Ooo
Ooo Ooo Ooo


Our Father
is Your Son
Oh Mother
You are One
We are Yours
parts of Whole
loving Father
to the full
You are Love
so are we
together in
a Trinity


Divine Mother Mother-Father

Father Father Father

Mother Mother Mother Son
Mother Mother Mother Son
Mother Mother Mother Son
Father Father Father


I want to be a cowherd boy
along with Prabhupada,
loving service to enjoy
for Krishna and for Radha.
We’ll find all kinds of splendid ways
for Them to get together.
That’s the way we’ll spend our days.
Nothing could be better!



In the flame is the heat of life.
In the fire is the light of love.
The flame is the flower of love.
The fire is the face of God.


Ó Deusa

Ó Deusa, você é potencialidade infinita.
Eu adoro você em todas suas várias formas.
Para amar totalmente outro, você dá à luz Deus.
Eu me rendo ao êxtase de DeusaDeus.
Ó Sim! DeusaDeus! Ó Sim! DeusaDeus!
DeusaDeus! DeusaDeus! Ó Sim! Ó Sim!

O Goddess, you are infinite potentiality.
I worship you in all your various forms.
To love another totally, you give birth to God.
I surrender to the ecstasy of GoddessGod.
Oh Yes! GoddessGod! Oh Yes! GoddessGod!
GoddessGod! GoddessGod! Oh Yes! Oh Yes!


Zoological Aesthetics

Zebras and skunks and penguins –
monochromatic in hue –
are they Mother Nature’s inventions
to keep the basics on view?
Colorful mandrills and macaws
enflame the jungley green!
But when sated with them – I pause.
White and black – take me back – to serene.


At the Count of Three

All Mysteries – Solved –

All Conflicts – Resolved –

All Impediments – Dissolved –

One – Two – Three!


Oscar Niemeyer

“Here, then, is what I wanted to tell you of my architecture. I created it with courage and idealism, but also with an awareness of the fact that what is important is life, friends, and attempting to make this unjust world a better place in which to live.”

“I am not attracted to straight angles or to the straight line, hard and inflexible, created by man. I am attracted to free-flowing sensual curves. The curves that I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuousness of its rivers, in the waves of the ocean, and on the body of the beloved woman. Curves make up the entire Universe, the curved Universe of Einstein.”


Words Heard in a Dream 028

Iliac and the Metatarsals go for a walk.



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